Cemeteries I Have Visited

Here’s a partial list of Georgia cemeteries I have visited:

  • Anderson Family Cemetery
  • Andersonville National Cemetery
  • Arlington Memorial Park
  • Bethany United Methodist Church Cemetery
  • Bethel Community Cemetery
  • Braden Family Cemetery
  • Bonaventure Cemetery
  • Braden Family Cemetery
  • Camp Creek Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery
  • Casey’s Hill Cemetery
  • Chipley Cemetery
  • Cleveland City Cemetery
  • Colonial Cemetery
  • Cornerstone Church
  • Crestlawn Cemetery
  • Cumming City Cemetery
  • Dabney-Schumate Cemetery
  • Decatur Cemetery
  • Double Springs Church Cemetery
  • Duluth City Cemetery
  • Eastview Cemetery (Atlanta)
  • Eastview Cemetery (Zebulon)
  • Ebenezer Methodist Church Cemetery
  • Ebenezer Primitive Baptist Church
  • Eidson Cemetery
  • Fairview Presbyterian Church
  • Fayetteville City Cemetery
  • Fellowship Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery
  • Forest Lawn Memorial Gardens
  • Georgia National Cemetery
  • Greenwood Cemetery
  • Harmony Grove Methodist Church Cemetery
  • Hillcrest Cemetery
  • Indian Creek Cemetery
  • Johns Creek Baptist Church Cemetery
  • Laurel Grove Cemetery North
  • Laurel Grove Cemetery South
  • Lawrenceville City Cemetery
  • Levi Sheftall Family Cemetery
  • Linwood Cemetery
  • Lithonia City Cemetery
  • Lively Family Cemetery
  • McClung Cemetery
  • Macedonia African Methodist Church Cemetery
  • Magnolia Cemetery (Atlanta and Augusta)
  • Marietta City Cemetery
  • Memory Hill Cemetery (Milledgeville)
  • Mordecai Sheftall Cemetery (Old Jewish Burial Ground)
  • Mount Carmel United Methodist Church Cemetery
  • Mount Paran Baptist Church Cemetery
  • Mount Pleasant Cemetery
  • Mountainview Baptist Church Cemetery
  • Myrtle Hill Cemetery
  • New Hope Cemetery
  • Norcross City Cemetery
  • North Atlanta Memorial Park and Chapel Mausoleum
  • Oak Grove Methodist Church Cemetery
  • Oak Rest Pet Gardens
  • Oakland Cemetery
  • Oconee Hill Cemetery
  • Old Macon City Cemetery
  • Old Vidalia Cemetery
  • Paynes Chapel Cemetery
  • Peachtree Memorial Park
  • Peachtree Road Baptist Church Cemetery
  • Pet Heaven Memorial Park
  • Phillips (Davis) Family Cemetery
  • Pleasant Hill Baptist Church Cemetery
  • Pounds Family Cemetery
  • Prospect Methodist Church Cemetery
  • Prosperity Cemetery
  • Providence Baptist Church Cemetery
  • Rehoboth Cemetery
  • Riverside Cemetery
  • Riverview Cemetery
  • Rogers Cemetery
  • Rogers-Bell Cemetery
  • Rose Hill Cemetery
  • Senoia City Cemetery
  • Shadnor Baptist Church Cemetery
  • Sharon Baptist Church Cemetery
  • South View Cemetery
  • St. Johannes Lutheran Church Cemetery
  • Stephen Martin Cemetery
  • Sugar Hill Baptist Church Cemetery
  • Sylvester Cemetery
  • Tybee Island Memorial Park Cemetery
  • Turner Hill Baptist Church Cemetery
  • Warsaw Cemetery
  • Washington Memorial Gardens (DeKalb County)
  • West Hill Cemetery (Dalton)
  • Westview Cemetery (Atlanta)
  • Westview Cemetery (Moultrie)
  • Wesley Chapel Methodist Church Cemetery
  • Whitewater Baptist Church Cemetery
  • Winters Chapel Methodist Church Cemetery
  • Woodall Cemetery
  • Woolsey Baptist Church Cemetery
  • Wright Cemetery
  • Zebulon Methodist Church Cemetery

Here’s a list of cemeteries I have visited in other states:

  • Albany Rural Cemetery (Menands, N.Y.)
  • Anamosa State Penitentiary Cemetery (Anamosa, Iowa)
  • Antipedo Baptist Church Cemetery (Georgetown, S.C.)
  • Asbury Cemetery (Knoxville, Tenn.)
  • Apache North Cemetery (Fort Sill, Okla.)
  • Apache South Cemetery (Fort Sill, Okla.)
  • Arlington National Cemetery (Washington, D.C.)
  • Aurora Cemetery (Aurora, Neb.)
  • Barbee Cemetery (Moon, Miss.)
  • Beef Creek Apache Cemetery (Fort Sill, Okla.)
  • Bellefontaine Cemetery (St. Louis, Mo.)
  • Beth Elohim Cemetery (Georgetown, S.C.)
  • Bethany Lutheran Cemetery (Charleston, S.C.)
  • Bethel United Methodist Church Cemetery (Charleston, S.C.)
  • Beulah Cemetery (Troy, Ala.)
  • Blair Cemetery (Blair, Nebraska)
  • Bluff City Cemetery (Elgin, Ill.)
  • Bohemian National Cemetery (Chicago, Ill.)
  • Burn Church Cemetery (Saint John’s Island, S.C.)
  • Brown Fellowship Society Cemetery (Charleston, S.C.)
  • Calvary Cemetery (Kansas City, Mo.)
  • Calvary Cemetery (Dayton, Ohio)
  • Calvary Catholic Cemetery (Knoxville, Tenn.)
  • Cedar Hill Cemetery (Vicksburg, Miss.)
  • Central City Cemetery (Central City, Neb.)
  • Christ Churchyard (Cooperstown, N.Y.)
  • Circular Congregational Church Graveyard (Charleston, S.C.)
  • Clarinda Mental Health Institute Cemetery (Clarinda, Iowa)
  • Colonial Pemaquid Old Burying Ground (Pemaquid, Maine)
  • Concord Masonic Cemetery (Farragut, Tenn.)
  • Cooperstown Presbyterian Cemetery (Cooperstown, N.Y.)
  • Cypress Grove Cemetery (New Orleans, La.)
  • Danish Cemetery (Davey, Neb.)
  • David’s Cemetery (Dayton, Ohio)
  • Deyo Mission Cemetery (Lawton, Okla.)
  • Duncan Memorial United Methodist Church (Georgetown, S.C.)
  • Eastern Cemetery (Portland, Maine)
  • Friendly Union Cemetery (Charleston, S.C.)
  • Elgin Memorial Cemetery (Elgin, Okla.)
  • Elm Grove Cemetery (Thomaston, Maine)
  • Emanu-El Cemetery (Dallas, Texas)
  • Emerts Cove Cemetery (Pittman Center, Tenn.)
  • Fairmount Cemetery (Denver, Colorado)
  • Fairview Cemetery (Council Bluffs, Iowa)
  • Fairview Cemetery (Eufala, Ala.)
  • Forest Lawn Cemetery (Buffalo, N.Y.
  • Forest Lawn Memorial Park (Omaha, Neb.)
  • Forest Home Cemetery (Chicago, Ill.)
  • Fort Yellowstone Cemetery (Wyo.)
  • French Huguenot Church (Charleston, S.C.)
  • Gardiner Cemetery (Montana)
  • Elmwood Cemetery (Georgetown, S.C.)
  • Glendale Cemetery (Des Moines, Iowa)
  • Graceland Cemetery (Chicago, Ill.)
  • Graceland Cemetery (Avoca, Iowa)
  • Glenrock Cemetery (Brock, Neb.)
  • Granary Burying Grounds (Boston, Mass.)
  • Grand Island City Cemetery (Grand Island, Neb.)
  • Greek Orthodox Cemetery (Charleston, Neb.)
  • Greenwood Cemetery (New Orleans, La.)
  • Greenwood Cemetery (Jackson, Miss.)
  • Greenwood Cemetery (Greenwood, Neb.)
  • Greenwood Cemetery (York, Neb.)
  • Green-Wood Cemetery (New York, N.Y.)
  • Greenwood Cemetery (Dallas, Texas)
  • Hebrew Rest Cemetery (New Orleans, La.)
  • Hepzibah Baptist Church Cemetery (Talladega, Ala.)
  • Hillcrest Cemetery (Tremont, Maine)
  • Hubbard Family Cemetery (Talladega, Ala.)
  • International Order of Odd Fellows Cemetery (Norman, Okla.)
  • James Island Presbyterian Church Cemetery (James Island, S.C.)
  • Kennard Cemetery (Kennard, Neb.)
  • Kinderhook Reformed Church Cemetery (Kinderhook, N.Y.)
  • Largo Municipal Cemetery (Largo, Fla.)
  • Letitia Cemetery (Lawton, Okla.)
  • Lewis Christian Union Cemetery (Charleston, S.C.)
  • Lincoln Cemetery (Kansas City, Mo.)
  • Live Oak Cemetery (Selma, Ala.)
  • Lone Fir Cemetery (Portland, Ore.)
  • Lucas Family Cemetery (Mount Pleasant, S.C.)
  • Magnolia Cemetery (Defuniak Springs, Fla.)
  • Magnolia Cemetery (Greenville, Ala.)
  • Magnolia Cemetery (Helena, Ark.)
  • Magnolia Cemetery (Charleston, S.C.)
  • Malvern Cemetery (Malvern, Iowa)
  • Maple Hill Cemetery (Helena, Ark.)
  • McClellanville Methodist Church Cemetery (McClellanville, S.C.)
  • Memorial Cemetery (Le Mars, Iowa)
  • Memorial Cemetery (St. Genevieve, Mo.)
  • Metairie Cemetery (New Orleands, La.)
  • Morris Brown AME Church Cemetery (Charleston, S.C.)
  • Mount Desert Street Cemetery (Bar Harbor, Maine)
  • Mount Holly Cemetery (Little Rock, Ark.)
  • Mount Hope Cemetery (Rochester, N.Y.)
  • Mount Saint Mary’s Cemetery (Kansas City, Mo.)
  • Mt. Carmel Catholic Cemetery (Hillside, Ill.)
  • Mount Morah Cemetery (St. Joseph, Mo.)
  • Mount Scott Cemetery (Meers, Okla.)
  • Mt. Olivet Cemetery (Hugo, Okla.)
  • Mt. Olivet Cemetery (Nashville, Tenn.)
  • Nashville City Cemetery (Nashville, Tenn.)
  • Norfolk Hospital For the Insane Cemeteries (Norfolk, Neb.)
  • Neave United Methodist Church Cemetery (Neave, Ky.)
  • Oak Hill Cemetery (Cedar Rapids, Iowa)
  • Oak Hill Cemetery (Birmingham, Ala.)
  • Oakland Cemetery (Shreveport, La.)
  • Oakwood Cemetery (Montgomery, Ala.)
  • Oakwood Cemetery Annex (Montgomery, Ala.)
  • Oakwood Cemetery (Lanette, Ala.)
  • Ocean Grove Cemetery (Mount Pleasant, S.C.)
  • Odd Fellows  Cemetery (New Orleans, La.)
  • Old Bethel AME Church Cemetery (McClellanville, S.C.)
  • Old Elgin Cemetery (Elgin, Okla.)
  • Old Ellsworth Burial Ground (Ellsworth, Maine)
  • Old Gray Cemetery (Nashville, Tenn.)
  • Old Greencastle Cemetery (Dayton, Ohio)
  • Old Wappetaw Independent Congregationalist Church Cemetery (Awendaw, S.C.)
  • Onawa Cemetery (Onawa, Iowa)
  • Otter Creek Cemetery (Otter Creek, Maine)
  • Oxford Memorial Cemetery (Oxford, Miss.)
  • Pecan Cemetery (Lawton, Okla.)
  • Pilger Cemetery (Pilger, Neb.)
  • Pioneer Cemetery (Greenville, Ala.)
  • Pioneer Cemetery (Omaha, Neb.)
  • Pioneer Cemetery (Dallas, Texas)
  • Plainfield Cemetery (Bradshaw, Neb.)
  • Pleasant Forest Cemetery (Farragut, Tenn.)
  • Presbyterian Church on Edisto (Edisto Island, S.C.)
  • Potter’s Field (Omaha, Neb.)
  • Prince George Winyah Parish Church Cemetery (Georgetown, S.C.)
  • Princeton Cemetery (Princeton, N.J.)
  • Prospect Hill Cemetery (Norfolk, Neb.)
  • Prospect Hill Cemetery (Front Royal, Va.)
  • Pythian Grove Cemetery (Berry, Ky.)
  • Rosehill Cemetery (Chicago, Ill.)
  • Rose Hill Cemetery (Meridian, Miss.)
  • Rose Hill Cemetery (Texarkana, Tex.)
  • Riverside Cemetery (Falmouth, Ky.)
  • Riverside Cemetery (Marshalltown, Iowa)
  • Riverside Cemetery (Anamosa, Iowa)
  • Saint Lawrence Catholic Cemetery (Charleston, S.C.)
  • Saint Louis #1 Cemetery (New Orleans, La.)
  • Saint Louis #3 Cemetery (New Orleans, La.)
  • St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church (Kronborg, Neb.)
  • St. James Church Cemetery (James Island, S.C.)
  • St. Mary of the Annunciation Cemetery (Charleston, S.C.)
  • St. Mary’s Catholic Cemetery (Garryowen, S.D.)
  • St. Michael’s Catholic Cemetery (Pensacola, Fla.)
  • St. Paul’s Lutheran Church Cemetery (Mount Pleasant, S.C.)
  • St. Philip’s Church (Charleston, S.C.)
  • St. Roche Cemeteries #1 and #2 (New Orleans, La.)
  • St. Stephen’s Church Cemetery (Georgetown,S.C.)
  • Shannon Rose Memorial Park (Fort Worth, Texas)
  • Shepherd Community Cemetery (Chattanooga, Tenn.)
  • Sparkman-Hillcrest Memorial Park (Dallas, Texas)
  • Spring Grove Cemetery & Arboretum (Cincinnati, Ohio)
  • Spring Hill College Jesuit Cemetery (Mobile, Ala.)
  • Stones River National Cemetery (Murfreesboro, Tenn.)
  • Sunrise Cemetery (Wahoo, Neb.)
  • Temple Israel Cemetery (Omaha, Neb.)
  • Tennessee State Veterans Cemetery (Knoxville, Tenn.)
  • Thomaston Village Cemetery (Thomaston, Maine)
  • Timber Creek Cemetery (Timber Creek, Iowa)
  • Trinity Episcopal Church (Edisto Island, S.C.)
  • Trinity Lutheran Cemetery (Roselle, Ill.)
  • Union Hill Cemetery (Kansas City, Mo.)
  • Unitarian Church of Charleston (Charleston, S.C.)
  • Venning Family Cemetery (Mount Pleasant, S.C.)
  • Vicksburg National Cemetery (Vicksburg, Miss.)
  • Village Cemetery (Thomaston, Maine.)
  • Whittaker Cemetery (Monterey, Tenn.)
  • Wisner Cemetery (Wisner, Neb.)
  • Woodland Cemetery and Arboretum (Ohio)
  • Woodland Cemetery (Des Moines, Iowa)
  • Woodlawn Cemetery (Chicago, Ill.)
  • Woodlawn Cemetery (New York, N.Y.)
  • Woodlawn Cemetery (Sioux Falls, S.D.)
  • Woodmen Cemetery (De Kalb, Tex.)
  • Wyuka Cemetery (Nebraska City, Neb.)
  • Wyuka Cemetery (Lincoln, Neb,)

Here’s a list of cemeteries I have visited in Canada:

  • Drummond Hill Cemetery, Niagara Falls, Ontario
  • Saint Andrew’s Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Niagara on the Lake, Ontario
  • Saint Mark’s Anglican Church Cemetery, Niagara on the Lake, Ontario

36 thoughts on “Cemeteries I Have Visited”

  1. MK Snow Smith said:

    I just found this site through my daughter-in-law. Thank you for the time and energy of putting this together.

  2. I enjoy your posts. What’s up for 2014? I vote for Hollywood in Richmond, Virginia, Woodlawn in the Bronx, New York, and Forest Lawn in Glendale, California.

  3. Just found your blog & love it!
    I really hope you manage to make it over to the coast to visit Oak Grove in St Mary’s. I went there years ago and it left such an impression that I want to go back!

  4. The Evergreen Cemetary in Perry, GA is worth the trip. It is full of weeping willows, old unmarked graves, and plots from the early 1800’s. It is right off of Carrol St, which has many great shops, boutiques, and local eateries as well.

    And of course…look up the Rose Hill Cemetary in Macon.

    I love your site!

    • Thank you for the tip! I have had Rose Hill on my list for quite some time but I didn’t know about Evergreen. I’ll have to make a trip to Perry soon to take a look, it sounds lovely.

      So glad you enjoy the blog, too!

      • Rose Hill is one of my favorites. I think it is overlooked. I’ve also just started visiting South View in Atlanta.

      • I’ve been wanting to visit Rose Hill for months but just haven’t had a chance. Same goes for South View. There is so much history at South View that people have no idea is there. Now that it is starting to cool down some more, I hope to get down there and check them out.

      • The mention of Perry, caught my eye as that’s my hometown. I only wish I had this thirst to research and visit cemeteries when I lived there. My next home visit will def have me visiting Evergreen…. for the first time.

  5. I have quite a few cemetery photos from NC if you are interested. Send me a message on fb if you want to see them.

  6. Hi, I’m french and i also take pictures in cemeturies. I can’t stop thinking that the Pere Lachaise Cemetery in Paris would be the place for you to take pictures in, you’d love it ! So many beautiful gaves of unknowned and famous people. I’m sorry i can’t finance your flight tickets 😉 By the way, I like your website 🙂

  7. if you’re ever near New Haven, Ct., we have Grove St. cem where Noah Webster, Glen Miller, Eli Whitney are buried. It’s an awesome old cemetery, right behind Yale College, to walk through. The best cemetery that impressed me was a mostly Irish Cem. here called St. Bernadette’s – when I began finding what town in Ireland that the deceased was from, written on their gravestones…. I just wished my ancestors were buried there. Imagine going to a cemetery and finding that information. I have a blog post on that cemetery on my Blog.

  8. Tom S. Foster said:

    Traci…this is a gem to read! I came across this web site via looking up info about German sculptor, Fritz Paul Zimmer, who did the large sculptor of “The Last Supper” at Westview Cemetery. Over two weeks ago I went there to further explore what I saw a few years ago. Man! What a place of beauty! My mom, her parents, and two cousins are buried there. This was my fifth or sixth time visiting the near 600 acre cemetery…and, I was literally all by myself there. I went into the Mausoleum/Abbey for the first time. No one else was in there while I was there.
    I am making a still shot video show of the sights at the present time. I’m 66 and since I retired from retail in the fall of 2015, various video stories is what I’ve been doing. Cemeteries is one of my top five topics I like to do.
    I was born and raised along with my five sisters and one brother in Indianapolis. My wife & I have lived in Atlanta since 1979. When I go back for visits to see Indy & my relatives & school friends, I try to get by to see the famous Crown Hill Cemetery there. That IS my favorite cemetery of all cemeteries I’ve seen. My first visit there was when I was 18. That was in April, 1969. Since then, I’ve visited there lots of times. That one, if you ever “cemetery hop” to is worth the hours. It’s one of the best kept in the U.S.A.

    Here in Georgia…I’ve seen several. Besides Westview as a favorite, I like also a place called “Rolling Hills” located between Woodstock & Acworth on Highway 92 West. It’s small, but has “feeling”. Decatur Historic is another. Love that place for its rustic flavor. Out in Loganville, there is theirs. It’s kind of basic, but dates well in grave markers. Deep south, to Ashburn, Georgia is their small cemetery. My best friend from the past is buried there along with his mom.

    Well, I’m going to read up some of the comments and see what interesting cemetery facts you have in your web site. Thanks for your interest in the subject.

    • Hi, Tom!

      It was a pleasure to read your comment. Westview is quite a place, isn’t it? I’ve spent countless hours out there roaming around. Usually it’s just me and the maintenance crew! The Abbey Mausoleum is something to behold when you come round the bend. I know a lot of people rave about Oakland and it is a great place to visit. But I think I like Westview more because it’s so peaceful and nobody seems to know it’s there. Sometimes you can see deer if you’re lucky, too.

      I’ve never been to Crown Hill but I have seen some pictures of it. Someday I hope to get there. I was born in Dayton, Ohio so I’ve driven through the area more than once. Much of my family is buried in Dayton’s Woodland Cemetery where the Wright Brothers are also buried. It’s also the first cemetery I have any memory of visiting as a child.

      Thank you for your recommendations on local cemeteries. I’ll have to visit Rolling Hills, it sounds lovely. I actually volunteer in the office at Decatur Cemetery. For the past three years, another woman and I have been checking all the records to make sure they match up with what’s online and the old paper index cards. We’ve found a lot that hadn’t been recorded up in the Old Cemetery. We hope to be done by the end of the summer. There are graves there that are older than Oakland’s.

      I hope you enjoyed reading some of my blog posts. It’s always a pleasure to hear from someone who loves wandering around cemeteries as much as I do!

      Take care,


  9. Tom Foster said:

    Thanks, Traci, for your quick reply. I went through many of the photos you, and your helper (s) took of cemeteries. So beautiful are the scenes…especially, the one made in Nebraska. I really like the detailed history you gather on the town areas, the people who are buried at the various cemeteries. That…makes the main topic of cemeteries that deal with death, not an area “the living” should be afraid of. The Crown Hill Cemetery in Indy had, from patrons of a group to help keep the cemetery looks up, established last year (2016) a unique large chalk board entitled: “What I Want to Do Before I Die”. It’s on the Crown Hill website. Now…that is a brilliant idea to have at big cemetaries.
    I’m a little ashamed to say this, but there is a very small obscured “family cemetary” (?) real close to where I live on Lawrenceville Rd. & Jimmy Carter Blvd. in Tucker that, I think, has an historical marker that barely can be seen from the road. Someday, soon, I’d like to view it up close. (Yes! Watch out for the “varmits”, etc. LOL! … and, I lived here 16 years in Tucker)

    Tom S. Foster
    Tucker, GA

  10. Jeni hein said:

    I just found your site. I have 3 teenage daughters and a few years back we started a family tradition on Memorial Day to go to the cemetery and place a penny on all military headstones. Since we did not have The opportunity to know the soldiers we put a penny. I believe if you knew the soldiers you put a nickel and if you served with them in duty you put a quarter on the tombstone. We live in Greenwood Nebraska. Every Memorial Day we visit the Greenwood Cemetery .I was excited to see your post on Greenwood Cemetery . I like to find an old headstone and look up the info and read it to the girls so it is made more real to them. To show them that these were people that served our country and they had normal daily lives and they had people who love them. The girls love the tradition and never complain doing it. This year I will read your post about
    About Ralph Armstrong and how he served in the 53rd Balloon company. Thanks again

    • Hi, Jeni!

      Greenwood Cemetery is a lovely place. I’m glad you liked the story about Ralph Armstrong, it’s a piece of Nebraska history I did not know until I looked into his past.

      Have a great Memorial Day!


  11. Any chance you would make it to Louisiana? Not only historical but some beautifully ornate stones and tombs.

  12. If you make it to Ohio again, I highly recommend the Stonewall Cemetery near Columbus: https://www.ohioexploration.com/cemeteries/stonewallcemetery/

  13. Just found your site! So cool! Our family has one of the Mausoleums in Mt Mora in St. Joseph, MO so I especially enjoyed your series on that! Thanks for the research and details.

    So much of this history is getting lost. I appreciate your time and interest!

    • Hi, Sally! Glad you enjoyed my series on Mount Mora. I was lucky that the application for the National Register of Historic Places was so chock full of valuable information. Have you ever been inside your family’s mausoleum at Mount Mora? Which one is it, if you don’t mind my asking.

  14. Dan Wilson said:

    Sometime , visit the Russell Family Cemetery in Winder Ga. It’s off Atlanta Highway on the east side of Winder. go down Russell Cemetery Road and it’s on the left. If the gate is locked jump it. The trees are huge and it’s an interesting lesson in Georgia history.

  15. Carole Johnson said:

    I am a subscriber to Georgia History through Pictures facebook page, which featured your piece on Oconee Hill cemetery in Athens. Excellent work! I am an 11th generation Georgian now living in Utah. There are many cemeteries I find fascinating: Friendship Primitive Baptist near the Paulding/Douglas counties line (five generations of my family there). It was near a Civil War battle and it is thought some of the graves were destroyed in the process. My ancestor’s sister’s marker is facing backward, which I’ve been told indicated suicide. Another is on the property of Hartsfield-Jackson airport. My Duke ancestors were charter members of the church. I’ve been searching for their burial place for years. Theirs are not among the marked graves, but I found church minutes at the Georgia Archives on microfilm which contained their membership records. The fourth is the Camp cemetery on Walt Stephens road in Clayton County. Many of the graves are mounded with shells. The last is the cemetery for Birmingham United Methodist church in old Milton County. The church began in the late 1840s on property that is now Taylor Road. The cemetery’s first burial was in the early 1850s. The church relocated to the intersection of Birmingham Highway and B’ham Rd. in the late 1880s. I was the church historian and through newspapers found a lot of interesting information. The layleader of the church in the late 1880’s was John Johnston. He and his wife began a school behind the church and for a while it prospered. The location made it difficult for students in north Georgia to attend due to the Chattahoochee and Etowah rivers being hard to cross. I believe that had the school succeeded, Reinhardt would not have. Thank you for all your hard work. I find it difficult to visit a cemetery and not speculate on the lives lived.

    • Hi, Carole! I’m glad you enjoyed my blog post. You mentioned the cemetery at Hartsfield/Jackson Airport. Do you know if it was Hart Cemetery or Flat Rock? I wrote about those two cemeteries in 2013 so you might enjoy reading that post here: https://adventuresincemeteryhopping.com/2013/08/30/with-a-wing-and-a-prayer/

      I will have to check out Camp Cemetery because I love finding shell graves. They were quite popular once up on a time and they always fascinate me.

      Like you, I find it quite hard to visit a cemetery and not want to know more about the people buried there. That’s why I started writing the blog. You really never know what you’re going to find out!

      Thanks again,

    • Carole – When you mentioned “Reinhardt”, I guess you mean the college. My wife & I attended there when it was a two year junior college (Fall of 1972 – June, 1974) We were good friends back then…a few years later we married. The Waleska Cemetery is with famous people…the founder of R.C. is there: Captain A.M. Reinhardt.

  16. Susan Richardson said:

    This is truly an amazing adventure you have going. I wonder if you can tell me how to find out more about New Hope Cemetery. I see that you have visited it .it’s on Memorial Drive I believe close to the Starlight Drive-In. My great-grandfather is buried there. I have been unable to find any information about the cemetery or that precious little church.

    • Hi, Susan! The New Hope Cemetery I am referring to is actually in Dunwoody. But I do know the one you’re talking about near the Drive-In, although I have never been there. I have passed it a few times and noticed it, along with Chestnut Hill Cemetery. That one is right next to the drive-in, and I’ve wanted to photograph it’s graves for Find a Grave but was a little too scared to go on my own. I don’t know anything about New Hope Methodist or its cemetery so I think your best bet is to call them. I see they have a web site and still have Sunday services: https://newhopeatlanta.org/. Sorry I’m not of more help. Let me know what you find out.

  17. Melvin Martin said:

    Hello have you ever seen the headstones on Willis Mill rd in sw Atlanta? I drove by and saw them in the woods and was intrigued. They are a block behind the Hoosier Memorial church, thanks.

  18. Donna Reagin Mercer said:

    Traci, I just found your sight…I too am a Reagin. I just got back from Indiana/Illinois where my brother and I searched out ancestors that we knew names but not locations. I also live in the Seattle area. The Mt Pleasant cemetery you listed is that the one in Terre Haute Indiana? My Great great Grandfather, Solomon Harrison “Harris” Reagin and several of his family members are buried there.

    Wondering if we are distantly related. Thanks for such an interesting site.

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